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Care ReInvention Through Innovation Spread

Reinventing Care through Innovation Spread

CMS has tasked all health care Quality Improvement Organizations (QIOs) to serve as “conveners, organizers, motivators and change agents to improve health care quality.

The Virgin Islands Medical Institute, Inc. (VIMI) the QIO for the U.S. Virgin Islands serves as a trusted health care quality improvement partner that assist beneficiaries, healthcare providers, practitioners, and stakeholders; through community outreach and social marketing. We provide educational opportunities, share evidence-based best practices, tools and data to achieve quality improvement.

The Care Reinvention through Innovation Spread (CRISP) model has 3 phases:

1) Initiation and “will building;”
2) Engagement and maintenance;
3) Retention and sustainment throughout the life of the QIO task

The goal of this model is to give access to the right information and services, in the right form, at the right time, to the right people in the right place.” This model will be used throughout all activities to minimize internal fragmentation and siloing within the QIO and keep all operations stakeholder-centric.

Every task has “stakeholders,” so every task will be informed by the principles of the model.


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