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HAI - Hand Hygiene


Clean Hands...Can Save Your Life...!

The goal of the Hand Hygiene Campaign is to reduce Hospital Acquired Infections (HAIs) through provider and patient education. The campaign focuses on empowering patients to ask healthcare workers to wash their hands by participating in hospital and community based education about the importance of hand hygiene in infection prevention. It also engages healthcare workers to demonstrate their commitment to good hand hygiene practices by wearing buttons and appearing on posters with hand hygiene messages. The Patient Safety: Reducing Hospital Acquired Infections (HAIs) Learning and Action Network (LAN) will partner with VIMI to spread this campaign.

Hand Hygiene Campaign Roll Out Info Sheet


Hand Hygiene Patient Empowerment Posters – These posters extend an invitation to patients to ask about hand hygiene. They will be displayed in high traffic patient areas and hospital care units to ensure visibility by the target audience - patients, visitors, and hospital staff

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Hand Hygiene Champion Posters - These posters feature hospital staff from different departments and a patient expressing the “ I Wash My Hands” message. The posters illustrate the desired outcome of the “Clean Hands…Can Save Your Life..!” hand hygiene campaign: for all individuals at the hospital to practice good hand hygiene.

Thumbnail to hand hygiene surgeon poster Thumbnail to hand hygiene physician poster Thumbnail to hand hygiene ICU Nurse poster
Thumbnail to hand hygiene nutrition poster Thumbnail to hand hygiene environmental poster Thumbnail to hand hygiene visitor poster



Buttons - The buttons serve as the patient empowerment tool for the campaign. When worn by hospital staff, it creates a welcoming environment for patients to ask the question.

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Hand Hygiene Information Sheet: “It’s Okay To Ask” – This sheet speaks to patients, letting them know that the hospital welcomes and encourages their questions about hand hygiene. These information sheets will be included in the hospital’s Patient Admission booklet that is given to every admitted patient.

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Hand Hygiene AgFair Billboards - These billboards were posted at the entrances and food court pavilion of the 2012 Virgin Islands Agricultural & Food Fair to raise awareness of the importance of hand hygiene and highlight the simple steps persons can take to clean their hands. The fair was attended by approximately 28,000 residents.

Thumbnail to Virgin Islands Agriculture Fair Hand Hygiene Billboard  


Photos of the Hand Hygiene Campaign kickoff held in the Bennie & Martha Benjamin conference room at the Virgin Islands Cardiac Center (VICC)