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About VIMI

The Virgin Islands Medical Institute, Inc. (VIMI) is a non-profit quality improvement organization that works with all aspects of the health care system (hospitals, nursing homes, home health agencies, providers, physicians and consumers) in the United States Virgin Islands to resolve problems, correct deficiencies, and improve the performance and quality of health care. VIMI is under contract with the Centers of Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) of the United States Department of Health and Human Services. VIMI is governed by a "Board of Directors" which is comprised of practicing physicians of the Virgin Islands, Medicare beneficiaries and consumers. The Board of Directors makes policies and oversees the operations of VIMI. VIMI monitors the quality, appropriateness, and medical necessity of health care provided to Medicare beneficiaries in the Virgin Islands. VIMI identifies and documents areas for quality improvement in health care. VIMI through its Consumer Representatives, encourages Medicare beneficiaries to take more responsibility for their own health care and to ask questions about the care they receive. VIMI encourages a true partnership between beneficiaries, their doctors and care givers. VIMI is dedicated to improving the quality of health care in the United States Virgin Islands.

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