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Improving Health for Populations and Communities

As the Medicare Quality Improvement Organization (QIO) for the United States Virgin Islands, VIMI is tasked to assist primary care physicians in improving preventive services for the Medicare population. The Improving Health for Populations and Communities (IHPC) project, has been designed to assist physician practices in utilizing Electronic Health Record systems (EHRs) to improve preventive care and cardiac care health measures. The QIO helps practices report those quality measures to CMS to qualify for the Physician Quality Reporting System (PQRS) incentive payment.

VIMI is recruiting a group of providers to participate in an initiative through 2014 to improve health for populations and communities through prevention. The work will address influenza and pneumonia immunization rates, and breast and colorectal cancer screening.

Practices working with VIMI will learn to capitalize on the use of their EHR to improve patient care by collecting data on clinical quality measures, learn to use the EHR's clinical decision support tools, and improve workflow to take full advantage of the information generated. Participants will be able to better manage their patients in prevention and cardiac care areas leading to improved patient satisfaction.

What VIMI Offers

VIMI will help you assess your current processes and workflow, establish quality improvement goals, provide care management education and re-assess effectiveness to target improved clinical quality measures. We will serve as an EHR vendor liaison both on a local and national level while also assisting you with the CMS reporting requirements. VIMI will provide your facility with technical assistance at no cost.

Other services include:

  • On-site quality improvement consultation
  • Care management education programs and access to tools and resources
  • PQRS support as it relates to the IHPC project, including Data Submission Vendors
  • Assistance with data collection and reporting

Benefits of Participation

  • Free assistance on care management techniques, process re-design and electronic reporting
  • Healthier patients through increased screening and earlier interventions
  • Local recognition through participation in a national Quality Improvement program
  • Potential increase in revenue

Eligibility Requirements for Participation

  • Practices must have a CMS 2012 qualified EHR for PQRS reporting
  • Must commit to expand care management processes
  • Be willing to electronically supply EHR-derived data to VIMI and/or CMS on a quarterly basis


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